A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Lorn - an abstract little game about mental well-being.

Some games do not follow the path of other games. They take their own way, beyond their designers’ initial meaning. Lorn uses metaphors and abstractions and needs to be experienced without prior knowledge about it in order to properly experience it. This is a super small game with a message.

Lorn was developed as a third year bachelor’s thesis project.

It was developed using Unity and Photoshop and can be played on a PC or a Mac computer. Only keyboard needed for controls.


Anna Malkan Nelson - Game Design, Art, Level design.

Adam Olsson - Game Design, Programming, Level design.

(Alma Segeholm - music - outsourced)

Install instructions

1. Download the appropriate zip file (PC or mac)

2. Extract the zip file

3.  Run the executable (Lorn / Lorn.exe)


LornPC_GGC2020.zip 88 MB
LornMAC_GGC2020.zip 88 MB

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